A Helpful Guide on How to Purchase Bitcoins Using Paytm Service

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Written by Elijah Smith

In India, Paytm is one of the very popular digital wallet services that you can use to pay your utility bills, pay for your phone bills, Zomato charges, cab charges (Ola or Uber) and you can also use it to transfer money from one person to another. Now using the same Paytm, you can also buy bitcoins and this is exactly the thing going to be discussed in this guide.

According to, You can use the website to shop for bitcoin exploitation of any of the on-the-market payment options. This is often an awfully widespread p2p website that’s available for everybody within the world excluding India. The fascinating truth concerning the website is that anyone can be a client and a vendor here.

So, let’s say if you have got plenty of bitcoins and you would like to sell them and you are don’t want to sell them on an exchange just like the popular exchanges, then you’ll be able to sell bitcoins directly on local bitcoins to different users from your country or perhaps outside your own country.

The best manner to shop for Bitcoins via Paytm presently is:

  • Plow ahead and build an account on
  • When signed up successfully, select the country that you’re in and select Paytm. Now, the foremost fascinating half is you’ll be able to select any country for that you simply have multiple payment choices. Thus, you can select from the payment possibility that you want to use to shop for bitcoin.
  • Click on search and it’ll show you the profile of individuals who are willing to sell bitcoin via Paytm as a payment method. Try and choose the profile with the very best variety of feedback scores and an honest variety of confirmed transactions.
  • Use Paytm Inbox to message all of your pals which you need to shop for Bitcoins.
  • Get their replies, and clear out withinside the men who’re prepared to switch Bitcoins to you in a change of Paytm cash.
  • Choose the maximum dependent on man amongst them, and ship the Paytm cash to him.
  • Make your Bitcoin pockets on Blockchain and proportion your pockets deal with this man.
  • The man will ship you Bitcoins for your pockets and you could see it reflecting on your pockets in much less than 30 mins.

Send a screenshot as proof of your payment and now take a seat down, lower back and enjoy!

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