Top 10 Horror Movies Of All Time

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Written by Elijah Smith

The Horror, The Horror” has been used in a different context in the book Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, but in this article, it applies to the experience one encounters while watching a horror movie. The horror movies are the ones that get under the skin. They are the unsettling ones and even become more terrible when alone and that even the brightest lamps can’t eliminate. The best horror movies are far more unnerving than outright scary or nasty. In this article, we have illustrated the 10 horror movies of all time.

A scene from the movie Conjuring (2013) reminds me of my nervous breakdown and shattering into pain. Stimulated by the events that are true of the experience of real-life paranormal detectives Ed and Lorraine Warren.

While recalling the dreadful scenes from Conjuring, another horror movie struck my mind, called Insidious( 2010). James Wan and Patrick Wilson came together for the movie Conjuring, they also collaborated for Insidious. The movie depicts a young child who slips into a coma and starts to channel a wicked spirit.

An awful horror movie incident that rundowns the nerves is featured in the film Sinister released in 2012. The storyline propagates on a potentially supernatural killer and the disappearance of multiple children. The movie has some truly terrifying, stressful and horrific scenes.

The fear of clowns depicted in the movie IT released in 2017  has been given a horrendous twist with an image of clowns being the scariest. It is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel and is considered one of the best.

Scream (1996), the movie is a horror mystery, features a girl after the killing of her mother, is threatened by a new killer, who targets the girl and her friends by exploiting her through the use of horror films as a part of a destructive game.

The Cabin in the Woods, a 2012 movie is an exceptional movie that is capable of scaring the person at times while largely conforming as one of the genre’s best-crafted expositions.

The Innocents, 1961 is one of the best gothic chillers ever made. It depicts a young governess with a passion for children as she finds herself in a difficult new location, caring for two orphaned children whose wealthy uncle has no room in his heart for family members.

The Witch, a 2016 released movie is solely focused on gravitas: prayers, fasting, and terror. This is the terror that stimulates the film’s horror, making us believe that God has undoubtedly abandoned the people on the outskirts of society, on the edge of the unknown.

Raw, featured in 2016 is an unabashed acknowledgement of Justine’s harrowing development. Raw’s horrors are as much about exposed and bloodied flesh as they are about fear of feminine sexuality, family legacies, popularity politics and insecurity of self-government.

Paranormal Activity, 2007 is a wonderful example that gradually creates tension and raises the audience’s blood pressure with its horrific depiction of the unusual paranormal activities.

Quite terrifying, these movies deliver the best horror experience while sitting in front of the screen and don’t let you sleep peacefully. Thus, these can be cited among the top 10 horror movies of all time.

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