Ten Best Free Antivirus Software that works for sure!

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Is there any locking system to lock up the files in my system from virus attacks? Yes. Antivirus software is the best locking system to lock your files from virus attacks. This software creates a fence around your system and scans every file for snatching the viral files that are accidentally present in the folders. Let us figure out the Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software.

Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software

Every Antivirus software has its features. Let us analyze the features and pick out the best from them!

1 Avast

The Avast antivirus software tackles cyber security threats and is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. It gives an option for safe browsing with a VPN.

To download, click here.

2 Windows Defender

Windows defender is the in-built antivirus software in Windows 10 Operating System. It eliminates the viral files from the folders.

3 Total AV

Total AV antivirus software helps to scan viral files from the computer and the browsers.

To download, click here.

4 ZoneAlarm

ZoneAlarm antivirus software has a personal firewall and ensures a safe browsing experience. This antivirus software escapes hackers.

To download, click here.

5 Avira

The Avira antivirus software corrects the faults of Windows Defender and protects the system from viral files.

To download, click here.

6 AVG Antivirus software

This antivirus software has six layers of security and protects from phishing activity. It shields emails from viral files and gives full-time protection.

To download, click here.

7 Bitdefender

The Bitdefender antivirus software gives powerful protection against cyber insecurity. It has a pro version with many valuable features.

To download, click here.

8 Panda

The Panda antivirus software works in any operating system and scans any USB Devices for threats. The pro version of Panda Antivirus software has more features than the free version.

To download, click here.

9 Kaspersky Security Cloud

The Kaspersky security cloud is free for a limited period so that you can use this software to find its uniqueness and superior quality from the others.

To download, click here.

10 Sophos

This antivirus software has user-friendly features like parental filtering, remote management, and other helpful features. It also has a pro version.

To download, click here.

Let us find the best antivirus software from the list of Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software. Stay safe from cyber insecurity threats.


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