Most Valuable Fashion Brands

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Most Valuable Fashion Brands

 Fashion is a vital part of our life. Even those who say they do not care about what they wear wake up every morning and put on their clothes. That is fashion!We all have our go-to brands on which we rely to fulfill our desires. But what are the most valuable fashion brands in the world? Let’s dive in! According to the 2021 Market Report, these are the highest-ranking brands globally —

  1. Nike

Founded in 1964, Nike is a USA-based brand, ranking #1 in the world’s most valuable brands two years in a row. Although its brand value was $34,792M in 2020 and has decreased to $30,443 this year, it still retained its position. Nike is prominently known for its collection of footwear and its athletic clothing line launched in 1979. It has earned a reputation for outfitting hundreds of sports teams worldwide. Nike has had various brand ambassadors over the years, many of them Indian, the current one being Baichun Bhutia, an Indian footballer. The brand also has an app that can be accessed via iOS and android to help provide you inspiration to achieve your ideal style!

  1. Gucci

Founded in the world’s fashion capital, Gucci is a luxury brand selling clothes, accessories, perfumes, and a lot more! Its market value stands at $15,599M as of 2021, ranking it the second most valuable brand globally. With a rich history, the brand claims to reinvent luxury in the 21st century under the supervision of Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s new creative director. A cherry on top for all fashionistas is that this season they can watch the rise of their beloved brand as Metro Goldwyn-Mayer produces “The House of Gucci” in cinemas this fall!

  1. Louis Vuitton

Founded in 1854 in Paris, France, LV ranks #3 in the world’s most valuable brands, making $14,858M annually. The company functions in 50 countries with over 400 stores worldwide. Besides selling apparel and accessories, Louis Vuitton provides a personal shopping experience with an advisor who will help style you according to your preferences!

  1. Adidas

Adidas ranks #4 in the world’s most valuable brands, making $14,342M annually. It is the topmost sportswear manufacturer in Europe and second in the world, just after Nike. It is also the owner of Reebok, another company selling sportswear, which makes Adidas a highly sought-after brand. It has also launched an app available on both android and iOS, which makes buying online easier for its customers!

  1. Chanel

Founded in 1910, Chanel is a French Luxury fashion house valued at $13,240M annually. The brand has over 300 stores worldwide and is best known for its timeless designs, vintage suits, and little black dresses. It is also prominent for its perfume – Chanel number 5 created by none other than Coco Chanel. Customers can always rely on this brand for comfortable attire that is superbly stylish at the same time!

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