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Written by Liam Noah

Digital documents are an essential part of digital marketing because they’re the backbone for all other types of content. These are the software you should use to handle your documents to improve your business efficiently. When it comes to software for managing documents, it’s hard to beat Microsoft Office. But if you require more than just a word processor, check out the following list of document management software that can work as an alternative to Office and even improve your productivity. The software, available for both Windows and Mac, allows you to manage, create and collaborate on your work documents.

Document management software is a database that keeps all of your important documents in one place.  All of your important documents and other files can be stored, organized, and searched on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or server. The best document management software app is a database that keeps all of your important documents in one place.

Here is the list:

  • SignNow: SignNow is a digital signature service that allows people to sign or fill in documents simply and affordably. It’s used widely in large and small organizations and can be integrated with various other apps.
  • M-Files: It is a document management software app that has made it easy for many larger companies to store and access documents no matter where they are. This is an ideal solution for those who work on teams with multiple employees. You can even view your documents offline if you need to.
  • PaperTracer:PaperTracer is software that provides document management for businesses. The app has various features that make it the best document management software app.
  • DocuWare: It is the best document management software app for team collaboration. With DocuWare, your team can edit and annotate documents on the platform itself. Not every document management software app gives you this capability.
  • MasterControl: It is a DMS made for businesses where security is a top priority and concern. Certain industries have strict regulations for companies to comply with. MasterControl understands those compliance frameworks and works to make sure they are built into all their products. This ensures that their software is designed for high security.

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