Foods to Protect and Maintain Your Eyesight Naturally

best food for eyes health

Eyes are meant to be healthy through the span of life, due to some age-related problems it determinates with time. Eyesight determinates with age and vision problems, cataract and a degenerative macular issue arise.

Healthy eyesight starts with healthy food servings on your plate. There are some food components to be added to your daily consumption. Balanced diet consumption has benefits in multiple ways.

Suitable for growth, brain, muscle and immunity development. Studies suggest high levels of blood sugar in type-2 diabetes leads to glaucoma and significant source of blindness in adults.

1. Omega-3 fatty acids

These are found in fish, salmon, tuna, cod liver oil, flax seed. It helps in good health of retina at the back of eye along with providing good muscle health. Add these on a weekly basis at the time of buying go for wild caught salmon then farm raised one. Wild caught salmon has a high level of omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Eggs

Eggs are a blessing for eye’s health. Yolks contain vitamin A, lutein, zeaxanthin, and zinc, a must for your eye health. Vitamin A safeguards the cornea. Lutein and zeaxanthin lower the chance of getting serious eye age-related macular degeneration and cataracts conditions.

Zinc contributes to the health of the retina. Zinc also helps eyes to see at night. Eggs are like potatoes add them in breakfast, gravies, salads or any side dish, dessert. They can do wonders for your palate.

3. Vitamin E

Almonds are a great source of vitamin E. International standards suggest 15mg of daily vitamin E consumption is essential for any healthy person. Add these to your meal in multiple forms or just use it as a snaky. Other nuts and seeds that contain vitamin E are sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, and peanuts.

4. Vitamin A & Zinc

Dairy products like milk, yogurt contains vitamin A and are a good source of Zinc. They can be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinners in varied forms. Every household has dairy as the main supplier of nutritional factors.

Carrots have vitamin A and beta-carotene element. Use them in salads, desserts or as a vegetable. It brings color on your plate.

5. Green Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and collards. Kale has the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. They are not made in the body thus oral supplement becomes essential for eye health.

A 100 gram serving of kale, 100gm Kale = 11.4 mg of lutein. Good eyesight requirement is 10 mg per day. Other vegetables high in lutein are red peppers and spinach.

6. Citrus Fruits

These fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C. It contributes to the good health of blood vessels in the eyes. Improves eyesight and age-related concerns with regular consumption. Use it in salads, juices or just eat raw as a snack.

Rich, balanced diet coupled with healthy hygiene and regular exercise can ascertain overall good health. There is no shortcut to healthy living with raising your bills to the hospital.

How to Know if a Guy Likes You? Signs that He is into You

How to Know if a Guy Likes You

Are there any laws, formulas or definite patterns to know that a man likes you? Well, the answer is NO. Don’t be disappointed because there are some subconscious subtle behavioural patterns, body language indicating that he is into you.

It would not be futile to check them on your casual conversation or first date. Some of them are made at the subconscious level where the man also does not know that he’s interested in you.

The old saying “Men are from Mars” is not true anymore. Few signs which can be in your favour to know that the guy is interested in you are as mentioned:

1. Positive body language

His arms are not crossed, or hands are not in his, pocket while talking to you. He’s not gazing in the horizon or checking someone else out, while you are trying to talk.

2. Never misses an opportunity

Be it’s a morning “Hi” or “Good night” he never misses to make an attempt to talk. Maybe if it’s even two-three lines. By just being in touch all the time is a clear cut sign of his interest.

3. Mr Questionnaire

Guy asks probing question to check your current relationship status. It’s a hint to check if there is a vacancy for him. If he can fill in the blank space.

4. Attention to detail

Man, who is interested in you, will asks your likes and dislikes. Taste in music, travel, books, fitness etc. All this hard-work for making future dates more promising with you.

5. Mood lifter

At work place, college or in building premises sometimes you miss out on the good guy just because he’s making you smile or laugh, when you have a bad day. You never see him in that light. But he’s definitely into you, otherwise why will take so much of an effort.

6. Takes effort

Guy making effort to look good, smell good and talk/do things of your interest. Did you notice a change ever since you first him. If the answer is yes. Then he’s is showing interest but not ready to admit it yet.

7. Makes eye contact

While talking to you he makes an eye contact. Leaves everything he’s busy with when you are trying to talk. Holds your hand or put his hand on your shoulder. It’s a very clear cut sign of being interested in you.

His pupils dilate and eyes lit up seeing you. His behaviour is different when you are around. He wants to make a good impression on you.

8. He is open about his previous disastrous relationships

Wishes to make a fresh start with a clean slate. Just think! Why he is making so close details clear to you. He’s into you.

If you see these signs on a regular basis, that someone holds a special place for you in his heart. Further, hold no doubts reciprocate to his signs in a subtle way. Take your casual acquaintance to a different level of romance and love.

5 Things Women do that Turn Men off

things that turn men off

Shocking! True not everything you do goes down well with the love of your life. There are things he would want you to drop or change. You have no idea about how annoying and a spoiling it can be in a relationship. So girls, read on and make yourself aware of things that can turn off your man.

1. Crib pot

If you have issues with anything and everything in life. Cribbing is your best past-time. Lady hold your horses, its major spoil sport behaviour. Not always your man is ready with his shoulder and ears to hear you out and calm your nerves. It can be over the board at times.

Proceeding in any relation becomes difficult if one of the partners is always nagging. Every relation is a complex network of expectations, commitments, friends and relatives. Everything and everyone cannot be wrong in your eyes all the time. Take a stock of your emotions. Before the lid completely goes off.

2. Attention seeker

Guys get turned off by girls who are always trying to seek too much of attention. In a party, at a restaurant, on a vacation, over the call or just about anywhere; you do not have to feel insecure, if your guy is talking to others or paying more attention to other matters.

Round the clock attention cannot be bestowed on you. Thus give space and time to breathe, relax and hold trust in each other. Guys get turned off by being question about looks, dress, weight etc. before stepping out in public. He’s no your checklist to get things in order. Be more chilled out and relaxed and stop being Miss Perfectionist all the time.

3. Tough nut to crack

In the game of love sometimes being inaccessible raises the temptation and temperature to fetch. But not always it will get the same tempo between the couples. After a point if you are too hard a nut to crack, guy’s tendency is to give up and go looking for more promising aspects.

Sometimes you have to give in to the demands and desires of your partner. This is where you feel the bond and unity. If he has been with you at all the times you wanted; same rule applies to you when it comes to him. Guys get easily put off by girls who act very pricey.

4. Bad hygiene

Would you like your partner to smell like a chicken or pig, when you are in the mood to get cosy. Big NO right! Bad hygiene or annoying bad habits are a major turn off for boys.

They want their girl to smell good and have good hygiene habits. Messy hair, shabby clothes, chipped nails and bad smell can make any guy run in full speed in opposite direction.

5. Ex is still in present tense

If you find solace in talking about your exes. You are heading for big trouble. This present will surely become ex if you don’t break this monotonous topic. Who wants to know the details of your exes. In the present day, everyone has a past and it’s best to leave it in the past only.

How to be More Confident on a Date?

how to be more confident

A big dampener on any date is low self-esteem. Fumbling, speaking out of context, unpreventable messes are the last thing you would want on a date. Don’t blame it on luck; it’s you who needs to take full control.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror and talk it out to yourself. Give finesse to your positives, be confident about your charm, looks, dress, hair, makeup everything.

Take ample time on your hands to plan things properly and boost your morale. Talking to a close associate and friend will give you more tips.

1. Being positive

Feel good about yourself; being positive is the first step towards your successful date. Do things and activities to lift your mood. If you head out with a good mood, then the date is also going to turn positive. You cannot move a stone from its place if you are not in the mood.

Brain and its chemicals play a major role in your oestrogen levels. The assumption is not always the mother of all fuck up’s in life. If you feel he’s going to like you, then you have to like yourself first and hold no doubts about it.

2. Be presentable

As a thumb rule always remember exterior matters as much as the interiors (wink-wink). Pick your dress carefully, the color and cut must accentuate your features, attributes, and color in the best compilation. Hair and make-up should complement the dress.

Don’t overdo, leave a hint of naturalness in everything. Don’t appear like a mannequin on your date; don’t wear something which is uncomfortable. After getting dresses up, take a final look and confirm it to yourself that it’s going to be a smooth sailing. Step out with full grace and aplomb.

3. Take responsibility

As the evening proceeds, you are sipping wine and your date asks,” What’s the next plan?” take responsibility for your next response and action. Always remember this question will be asked if all is going well.

So be prepared beforehand with your answer. It shouldn’t be like a hang-over next morning, and you are full of repentance. During you conversation, there will be ample signs to give you a clue for what’s next?

4. Be You

Nothing suits you best; other than being yourself. Stop being a pleaser or pretentious. If the date is in you; it will call back nevertheless. Speak your mind out and be honest with yourself and the meeting.

Guys are attracted to honesty, intelligence, and less complicated stuff. Rather than going round and round in circles, if everything is discussed and is out in the open. Believe me, it works or at least gives the other person food for thought.

Always remember it’s just a date not a do or die situation. He’s not the world savior and you are not at the helm of disaster to an end. It could be the other way round; despite making all the efforts and doing everything right; your date might just not as you expect it to be.

Dating Mistakes that Girls Make on the First Date

dating mistakes

A dream date is every girl’s fantasy since adolescence. Yes, there is always a checklist in mind of do’s and don’ts from both the sides. Your first date is, ought to be hard, you will be nervous, with all the chemical reaction going in your mind. There are specific points to be kept in mind before you jump instantaneously from the first proposal of dating.

1. Keep your responses checked/crisp

Say suppose, he asks, “will you come on a date with me”? Yes, I will. When are you free or where shall we meet? You should reply, “You just text me the time and place” I will be there. Don’t just say yes and then leave everything on chance. Sometimes it’s better to buy time and let the guy chasing. It increases the passion for achieving.

2. Restrain from your anxiety pangs

you are t be anxious, with thousands of doubts. But this is not the time to let that tidal wave spoil your castle of dreams. Meticulous planning will ensure better confidence level. Most important do not get anxious in front of him and speak out of context.

3. Be on time

After a lot of chasing and planning your guy would not want you to be super late for a date. Being late by 10-15 minutes is fine but more than this is not good for a date in general. You also lose out time to spend together if you reach late.

4. Be the icebreaker

Any date would turn hollow if the women don’t show any interest. You ought to ask, probe and answer to let the ball rolling. Long silences and running out of topics to converse is a bad sign for any date. Men like chatting up with women, who are intelligent. Chatting makes a lot of things easier and understandable.

5. Bringing Ex in conversation

While talking bringing your ex in talks is a real dampener. No one wants to know about your ex in his/her first date. Avoid this topic at all costs. Bringing skeletons from the closet can have dire consequences.

6. Switch off the mobile

Checking your mobile often, shows lack of interest. Where is the time to be busy with gadgets and you can inform your family and friends not to call/text for some time?

7. Show your positives

No one wants to date a crib-pot, pessimist or fault finder. Show your best version; it will do you own well, raise self-esteem, positive date, well spent evening, looking forward to meeting again.

8. Stop being judgemental

A critical analysis of you, date, time spent, ambiance, music, food, drink, conversation or just about anything is avoidable. Nothing comes to perfection; you are ought to make things perfect.

Proceed towards your date with an open mind. No hang-up’s, no over expectations, no overdoing, no to over drinking and no to almost everything which you think can be annoying. After meeting in 15 minutes, you know where the evening is heading to.