Best Glitter Lipsticks to add glamour in your life

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Written by Elijah Smith

This lipstick changes its color through the day and gives you a perfect unicorn vibe that would make you and others fall in love with it. You can experience iridescent, color changing magic all day. The available color options are beautiful and can be put on alone or with any other color. Your lips will get smoother and stay all day with a soft and moisturized feeling. This glittery lip gloss’s changing shades will attract people around you.

  • Jouer – Long-Wear Lip Topper

Long-wear lip topper has coconut oil which makes your lips feel weightless and instantly refreshes your lips with moisture leaving behind a shimmer effect to your lips. This lipstick can be wear alone or with a pair with another Long-Wear Lip Creme. This glitter lipstick is long lasting than most other standard gloss toppers. The company Jouer gives away it’s 20% of the net proceeds to UNICEF for a good cause which is appreciable.

  • Mac Cosmetics – Lipstick/PatrickStarrr

This is a special edition lipstick which comes in three hues and two texture. The shades are creamy, gorgeous and are long-lasting lipstick. These are neither too light nor too bright hence form a perfect matte shade making you look gorgeous and a lot more attractive with sparkling lips. This glitter lipstick lets your inner beauty be enhanced and lets your inside be out.

  • Strangazer – Glitter Fushia Lipsticks

These Strangazer Glitter Lip Sticks are hyper pigmented lipsticks impregnated with sparkling cosmetic glitter. The strong pigment color has a glittery shimmering finish on the lips that is comfortable to wear, easy to apply and long-lasting. Their different glitter shades make you more bold, stylish and trendy.

  • Stila – Glitterati Lip Top Coat

This mega-sparkle top coat is designed to wear over a matte liquid lipstick. This glitter contains ultra-fine pearls thus makes it washable with water and leave behind the original matte color with a high wattage and sparkle finish. This is smudge proof, kissable and leaves your lips moisturized. Select your perfect coat and get trendy with different shades.

   10) Fenty Beauty – Fenty Beauty Galaxy collection by Rihanna

This is a limited edition glitter lip gloss that gives an ultimate triple shades, glitter, and shine. It is a triple-threat fusion of glitter, pigment, and gloss with sparkles that takes your beauty to astronomical new heights. Each hue has an iridescent glitter which gives a mirror like shine of shimmer in a single swipe. Unlike other glitter lipsticks, this lipstick is smoother and creamier and is comfortable to wear. This is Rihanna’s first-holiday collection called The Galaxy Collection.

  • Urban Decay – Black White/Pink Shimmer

Urban Decay glitter lipsticks have a large array of shades with varying of textures and shimmers. With just one swipe of the lipstick, you can get a perfect lay down of color. The array has six indulgent and addictive shades. These lipsticks can be applied smoothly without any drag or skipping and feel comfortable on lips which leave your lips hydrated, soft and enhanced. It contains aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils which nourishes and softens your lips.

  •  Beauty Boulevard – Bright Red Ruby Slipper

This lipstick has been voted the best Glitter Lipstick in United Kingdome according to Amazon. These premium glitter lipstick have 19 more stunning different shade from deepest reds to the lightest nudes. These are long-lasting glitter lipsticks and are water and smudge proof. They can last up to 8 hours after applying and each box can have approximately up to 25 applications.

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