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What are the must-buy lip gloss brands in 2018?

Women are fond of lip glosses as it adds a smoothness to one’s lips. Apart from that on applying a lip gloss, a woman appears to be beautiful more than ever before. At the same time being a woman, we do focus on several brands of lip glosses and which one is going to hit the market for a particular period or for a year. Lip glosses of branded companies are costly but they are effective. Let us find out which lip gloss brands is a must buy in 2018

1. Clear lip gloss by Glossier

The gloss of this particular lip gloss is just awesome. Though your lips turn out to be shiny a smooth texture is provided to your smooth lips. After applying this lip gloss, you will find out that your lips are appearing to have a light pink color. With just a tinge of this lip gloss, your lips will appear to be pink which will make you appear cute and natural. The Vitamin E which forms the main ingredient of this lip gloss keeps your lips smooth and nourished. So, enjoy cool, shiny, and natural colors for the entire day. The lip gloss lasts for a longer period of time on your lips

2. Too Faced Lip Injection Power Plumping Lip Gloss

The best part about this special lip gloss is that it helps to make your lips appear fuller and plump. As you put a light stroke of this lip gloss on your lips within a few seconds you will notice that the light tinge is getting darker thereby making your lower lips appear fuller

3. Vivid Hot Lacquer by Maybelline

Maybelline brings you eight different type of shades in this range of lip gloss. The best part about this lip gloss range is that you can get some really dark shades which many people are fond of these days. Daring colors like purple are also available with the company. The lip applicator is the best part about this lip gloss brand. Its thinner and allows only a little bit of lip gloss to be applied on your lips. Thereby decreasing the wastage of lip gloss. Apart from that, your lips don’t turn out to be gummy after its application as its super creamy in its texture. The super creamy nature helps to keep your lips hydrated.

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