How to Know You are Dating the Wrong Person?

Dating the Wrong Person

Relationships are not full proof; it has its own share of ups and downs. There is no relationship manual to help you overcome or avoid heartbreak. All of have been stuck by stupid-cupid and fallen head over heels madly, blindly in the game of LOVE.

Though there are some clear-cut signs and patterns showing that you are dating the wrong person. All of us have experienced this it at least once in our lifetime so far.

Dating the Wrong Person

1. Demanding/commanding all the time

If your partner is very demanding and controlling at all times, dictating terms and condition like
• What to do and what not.
• What to wear, what not.
• Whom to talk to
• When to sit, sleep, drink, eat, etc

Just make your exit plan. He’s not the one you can think of a long-term relationship with.

Trust is the main ingredient of any long-lasting relationship. In its absence, the entire dish goes for a six.

2. Always your best critic

You are dating the wrong person, if he is always criticising about your taste for food, music, movies, dressing, and make-up. He’s too self-centered to notice the good in you.

3. I’m the BEST; you are the fortunate one

Some guys think too highly of themselves. They don’t miss a single chance to outshine you. On top of it, you are made to feel to be the fortunate one, to have got them in your life.

4. Less attentive towards you

It’s a clear-cut hint; if you are dating the wrong person, he’s less attentive towards your needs, desires, likes, and dislikes.

Don’t be just the trophy wife/girlfriend for some one. Be more desirable and know your worth.

5. Insensitive behaviour towards less fortunate one’s or a show-off

Guys with rude behaviour towards service staff, spill the beans of their behavioural issues. If they are not nice to the simple common public serving them; expect nothing for yourself from them.

It’s not checked to kick the common man and show-off your money, power or position.

6. Doubts you or doesn’t let you meet his friends

How annoying it can be, if your partner frequently calls to check your whereabouts. Doubting and chasing you every hour/every day.

You are definitely dating the wrong person if he’s super possessive and cannot share your time with others. If he finds reasons to avoid meeting you up with his friends, then something is definitely not right.

7. Instagram/Facebook is out of your bounds

If you are not friends with him on Facebook and Instagram, then he’s hiding a lot from you. If the relationship is on a serious note, then these accounts are shared.

8. Always trust your GUT/Intuition

Hold no doubts if your gut or intuition says otherwise. Something has to go wrong will go wrong. But your inner self will always warn you.

Listen to that voice for your mental health and peace. You are dating the wrong person if your GUT says so. Believe it or not!

How to Increase Metabolism? 8 Best Ways to Boost Metabolism

how to boost metabolism

Metabolism is the complex biochemical process of reactions in our body’s cells when food is converted into energy. It is this saved energy which helps in the functioning and maintenance of our body.

Nutrition plays an important role as metabolism works through the nutrients found in our food. Metabolism can be categorized into catabolism which is the process where large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules and anabolism which is the process that builds the molecules that the body requires.

The metabolism rate of a body should always be high as that helps in burning calories faster and makes one feel more energetic and fit. The rate of metabolism in an individual is dependent on different factors such as:

1. Body size

There is a tendency to tend to burn more calories if an individual has a large size or has more muscles.

2. Gender

Men tend to have lesser body fat and more muscles than women and thus can burn more calories.

3. Age

Age plays an important role in the rate of metabolism as it tends to decrease as one starts aging.

4. Food

The kind of food that is eaten matters in the rate of metabolism and it is advisable to have more of fat burning foods such as proteins.

5. Exercise and Physical Activities

Any kind of activities including exercises helps in increasing the rate of metabolism by burning more calories.

There are many ways of increase metabolism in the body and listed below are a few steps one can follow:

how to boost metabolism

1. Any kind of physical activities, even something as simple as taking a walk, can help in burning calories because of the muscles that are activated in the body.

High intensity workouts also help in boosting the metabolic rate as it helps in burning more calories.

2. An increase in water intake helps in processing the calories and thus boosts one’s metabolism.

One can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables which have a high water content and makes one feel full after a meal.

3. Proteins are a good metabolism booster as they help in making one feel full and not overeat as well as prevent losing muscles in the body. Lean beef, turkey, fish, chicken etc. are excellent sources of protein.

4. Smaller portions of meals is a great way of keeping the metabolism rate of the body normal and thus burn more calories in the process.

Healthy snacking is a great way of not over eating during mealtime.

5. Drinking coffee is another way of maintain ones metabolic rate as it makes one feel more energetic.

6. Green tea which has catechism and caffeine helps in increasing one’s metabolic rate.

7. Spicy food contains a natural chemical called capsaicin which helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body.

8. Quality sleep ensures that the body is rested and the metabolism rate remains normal.

Maintaining a high rate of metabolism is not as hard as it seems. Following these simple steps will ensure that the metabolism rate in your body always remains high.

How to Get Back in the Dating Game After Taking a Break?

Dating couple

Trauma and pain have lasting effect on one’s heart, mind, and body. It depends greatly upon the involvement you had in the previous relationship. Betrayal or a nasty end leaves a lasting impression.

Post-breakup it becomes challenging to restart again. But every individual is different, so what is apt for me might not be good enough for you. Some try to jump on to the bandwagon immediately to erase previous memories.

The dating game isn’t easy; it’s best to prepare the full proof and have a good start moreover inning. Decisions made in hush-hush often have disastrous results.

Here are some necessary preparations one must consider before getting back in the dating game after a break-up.

How to start dating again

1. Self-analysis

You do not need to cut big bills to psychologists or relationship expert to seek advice. Seek answers within, ponder, spend time with yourself to analyze.

What went wrong/where? Keeping a check and control on your emotions will help in future relationship goals.

This time you can also cultivate a new hobby or restart an existing one. It’s your “ME” time to give yourself a complete makeover inside-out.

2. Gift of Forgiving

Let go of the past and forgive yourself and all the others involved in a break-up. You wouldn’t want to carry a burden for the lifetime. I know it’s easier said than done, “but there is no choice” you have to let go off.

Let yourself loose from all strings, commitments or anything which makes you uncomfortable, claustrophobic.

3. Go on Your Dream Vacation

It might sound quirky but plan a solo vacation to the place you always wanted to go. Some adventure trek, mountaineering, diving, rock climbing, and marathon just about anything.

I’m sure there were things you wanted to do while being in a relationship but couldn’t. But it’s never too late. Do it now and rediscover your happiness.

4. Free Up Space from Heart and Mind

Before you embark on a new journey just free up your mind and heart from previous sour emotions and memories. Just delete and trash them. Remove the stigma of being dumped.

It’s a very relieving feeling to lessen your burden. There are ways to do it exercising, swimming, running or yoga. Any form of physical activity will produce good hormones and make you feel better.

5. Become the Best Version of You

You must have spent enough time by now for yourself up gradation. Make your portfolio and profile on the dating sites more appealing yet true.

Express your true expectations on the internet or when you meet in person. Out beat yourself this time break all the previous records. Break monotony, experiment, be more forthcoming and expressive.

6. Have Faith and Confidence

Don’t get carried away by the turn of events. Have faith and confidence in others, well it won’t harm you over and over again.

Practice makes the one perfect is an old saying. Trust, faith, and confidence are a deadly combination to resist. There is no looking back, and the success in dating is confirmed.

How to Deal with Stress? 12 Tips You Need to Know

How to deal with stress

Stress is defined in the dictionary as a state of mental and emotional tension as a result of demanding or adverse situations. The truth is that we face stress everyday in our lives and it is becoming increasingly normal to feel stressed. There are different ways of dealing with pressure and every individual has a different method of dealing with stress. It is pertinent to keep in mind that not all methods of dealing with stress are beneficial to us in the long run.

Here is a list of the methods which one can follow to avoid stress:

1)      Stress is an inevitable part of life and it is better to focus on how to move forward rather than wasting time stressing. Taking a realistic view of the situation and taking responsibility to deal with the problem is a great to deal with stress.

2)      One of the easiest ways to keep stress at bay is by keeping our body fit and healthy through physical activities such as jogging, swimming or dancing. Exercise helps in release of stress hormones and increase in endorphin levels in the body.

How to deal with stress

3)      It is important to surround oneself with positive people and not withdraw from the company of friends and family. It always helps to clear ones thoughts when you share your feelings with other.

4)      Developing a positive attitude as well as a sense of humour helps one in keeping strong and motivated while dealing with stress.

5)      Another way of reducing stress is to avoid circumstances that cause the stress.

6)      One of the simplest ways of reducing stress is by getting adequate sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to get the body fully recharged and energized.

7)      Maintaining a healthy diet ensures that the body is strong and healthy and thus helps in reducing stress levels. It is important to eat healthy foods like complex carbohydrates and proteins.

8)      Water is a great source of decreasing stress as cortisol, a stress hormone is released when the body is dehydrated. It is advisable to eat fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content.

9)      Alcohol, substance abuse and junk food are one of the most common vices that a person takes up while trying to relieve stress. But in the long run they cause more harm to the body.

10)   One of the easiest ways of dealing with stress is by picking up a new hobby which is interesting and helps you not to focus on the stress. A new hobby could be reading, playing a sport, learning a new skill etc as long as it makes one more cheerful and enthusiastic about life.

11)   Listening to calm music always helps one to overcome stress and relax and sooth the body, mind and soul. It is like a balm to release stress.

12)   Meditation along with yoga helps in making a person focus on the positive things and relaxes the body through different breathing techniques.