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Dating Mistakes that Girls Make on the First Date

A dream date is every girl’s fantasy since adolescence. Yes, there is always a checklist in mind of do’s and don’ts from both the sides. Your first date is, ought to be hard, you will be nervous, with all the chemical reaction going in your mind. There are specific points to be kept in mind before you jump instantaneously from the first proposal of dating.

1. Keep your responses checked/crisp

Say suppose, he asks, “will you come on a date with me”? Yes, I will. When are you free or where shall we meet? You should reply, “You just text me the time and place” I will be there. Don’t just say yes and then leave everything on chance. Sometimes it’s better to buy time and let the guy chasing. It increases the passion for achieving.

2. Restrain from your anxiety pangs

you are t be anxious, with thousands of doubts. But this is not the time to let that tidal wave spoil your castle of dreams. Meticulous planning will ensure better confidence level. Most important do not get anxious in front of him and speak out of context.

3. Be on time

After a lot of chasing and planning your guy would not want you to be super late for a date. Being late by 10-15 minutes is fine but more than this is not good for a date in general. You also lose out time to spend together if you reach late.

4. Be the icebreaker

Any date would turn hollow if the women don’t show any interest. You ought to ask, probe and answer to let the ball rolling. Long silences and running out of topics to converse is a bad sign for any date. Men like chatting up with women, who are intelligent. Chatting makes a lot of things easier and understandable.

5. Bringing Ex in conversation

While talking bringing your ex in talks is a real dampener. No one wants to know about your ex in his/her first date. Avoid this topic at all costs. Bringing skeletons from the closet can have dire consequences.

6. Switch off the mobile

Checking your mobile often, shows lack of interest. Where is the time to be busy with gadgets and you can inform your family and friends not to call/text for some time?

7. Show your positives

No one wants to date a crib-pot, pessimist or fault finder. Show your best version; it will do you own well, raise self-esteem, positive date, well spent evening, looking forward to meeting again.

8. Stop being judgemental

A critical analysis of you, date, time spent, ambiance, music, food, drink, conversation or just about anything is avoidable. Nothing comes to perfection; you are ought to make things perfect.

Proceed towards your date with an open mind. No hang-up’s, no over expectations, no overdoing, no to over drinking and no to almost everything which you think can be annoying. After meeting in 15 minutes, you know where the evening is heading to.

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